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:::::  Vrindavan Ayurveda Nursing Hospital, Mavelikara    ::::::::::::::::::::::::Contact Us / Enquiry ::::::

Vrindavan Ayurveda Nursing Home located at the heart of Mavelikara town, in Alappuzha District of Kerala. Vrindavan Ayurveda Nursing home was started in 1980 by Dr. V. Chithrarajan.

Dr. V Chithrarajan, BAM, is the Managing Director and chief Medical Practioner of Vrindavan Ayurveda Nursing Home. 
He is specialised in Kayachikitsa and Panchakarma with years of experience. A friendly doctor who spends time with his patients and take almost care of them and be with them all through the period of  treatment. Doctor prescribes medicine only after  a thorough study of the patient's ailments.
He is also an expert in Acupuncture.
Ayurveda derived from two Sanskrit words "Ayur" means "Life" and "Veda" means "Science".

the essence of ayurveda purifies and rejuvenates the body.The aim of treatment is to eliminate the internal causative factors of the disease. It is a series of 5 therapies, which help to remove deep-rooted stress and impurities from the physiology by balancing all biological functions of the body. 
     :: Vamana - Emetic Therapy :  In this  vomiting is induced by giving herbal emetic medicines to expel waste in respiratory tract and upper gastro intestinal tract.
     :: Virechena  - Purgation Therapy  : Purgation is induced by giving safe herbal purgatives for eliminating toxic waste materials accumulated in the body.
     :: Nasyam - Nasal infusion Therapy : In this therapy, medicated oil, herbal juice or herbal powder is poured through the nostrils to remove the accumulates in the head.
     :: Vasthy  - Special Enema Therapy : It is the most important one among panchakarma. In this medication is introduced through the anal route for the evacuation of accumulated waste materials
     :: Rekthamoksha -  Blood Letting Therapy : In this treatment impure blood is let out by inflicting cuts or applying special variety of leeches at particular points of the body.
 Treatments at  Vrindavan Ayurveda Nursing Home
Treatments are prescribed after a thorough study of the patient's ailments. All ayurvedic treatments like Panchakarma, Pizhichil, Kizhi, Steam Bath, Oil or powder massages and Dhara are done here.
Vrindavan Ayurveda Nursing home always uses self manufactured medicines for their patients. During the course of stay for the treatment, strict ayurvedic diet has to be maintained and hence the food is provided at the nursing home itself.


For accommodation 9 single rooms and 3 double rooms (both A/C and Non A/C) are available. 
Ayurvedic food is provided during the stay according to the type of treatment.
Quality treatment is ensured through well qualified and trained male and female staff.
We manufacture our own quality medicines under strict supervision and quality control. 

Vrindavan Ayurveda Nursing Home
Near KSRTC Bus Station, 
Mavelikara, Alleppey, Kerala, India .Pin - 690101
Phone: +91-479-2302607, 2303389, 2305325
Mobile: +91-9847107626

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