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:::::  Deluxe Men & Women Beauty Clinic  :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Contact Us / Enquiry :::
Look & feel, Style & Celebration - the present attitude of modern e-generation people. Apt to that Deluxe Men & Women Beauty Clinic & Parlour, Kottayam provides all most modern technique for your external appearance. Even though beauty has no gender, Deluxe brings you separate allocation for men & women. Peacefully design, aesthetic in house, fitted with clean & modern amenities make Deluxe stand apart from others.
When we where born in the sixties, the preferred looks or trends were hair shortcut with a pencil line moustache. Soon came the seventies with long, long hair-raising hazards. The eighties and nineties introduced different styles and looks. Then, we with you entered the new millennium along with fresh looks and views.


Diamond Facial
Gold Facial
Pearl Facial
Flower Facial
Fruit Facial
Papaya Facial
Mango Facial
Galvanic Facial
Shahanaz Facial
Cucumber Facial


Herbal Lacto Bleach
Natures Gold Bleach
Oxy Bleach
Saka Oxygen Bleach for Men


Suntan Treatment - Nature's
Pimple Treatment - Shahanaz
Henna Treatment
Dandruff & Hair Falling Treatment - Nature's
Hair Spa Treatment - Loreal
Deep Conditioning & Protein Treatment for Dry 
Coloured or sensitized Hair - Loreal
Hair Colouring
  • Loreal - Magirel - Different shades
  • Igora - Schwarzkopf
  • Bigen Speedy
  • Hair Hi-Lightening
  • Black Rose
  • Godrej
Hair Straightening
  • Schwarzkopf -Re-bonding
  • Loreal - Straightening
  • Wella -Straightening

Oil Massaging

  • Hair Ironing & Instant Hair Colouring
  • Pedicure & Manicure


Deluxe Men & Women Beauty Clinic
Regency Square Building,
Near Collectorate, Opposite East Police Station,
K.K. Road, Kottayam,
Kerala, India
Pin : 680 001

Mobile : + 91 - 9447064566
Phone : + 91 - 481 - 6531555

Email :
Web : 

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