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Anjaneya Kalari Marma Chikilsalayam at Pallom Post office junction on M C Road between Kottayam and Chingavanam is run by Mr. Unnikrishnan Gurukkal. Anjaneya offers treatments for several physical problems using Ayurvedic, Sidha, Kalari or Marma techniques. For patients suffering from arthritis rheumatism, back ache, neck pain, knee and ankle problem, physical injuries etc., Gurukkal has suitable treatments for physical fitness. He uses therapies as Panchakarma, Njavarakkizhi, Nasyam, Body massage, application of special oils and ointments etc.
Therapies and massage for women are performed by Gurukkal's wife and other lady therapist. Marma chikilsa in Kerala is centuries old. It emerged as a treatment system for warriors or soldiers who fought in wars and conflicts and suffered physical injuries.Several treatment techniques were used for treating different kinds of injuries like wound, fractures etc. Siddha system of treatment giving emphasis to Marma chikilsa also was wide spread in Kerala. North Kerala developed a special system of treatments in their training centers called Kalaries. South Kerala also had a similar system. Theses physicians and therapists of Kerala proved effective and their fame and prestige continues still now. it is in that line, Mr. Unnikrishnan Gurukkal is operating at his 'Anjaneya Chikilsalayam'
Early in life Mr. Unnikrishnan became interested in the traditional martial arts form called 'Kalarippayattu' and various physical treatments this system had developed to keep the ancient and medieval warriors in good fighting condition and to treat them from various complaints like wound, fractures etc. inflicted upon them while fighting in wars or encounter with enemies. he approched the famous ayurvedic physician Vayaskara Mooss of Kottayam to learn treatments for various problems. 
After this initiation, he went to Ponkunnam to learn massage in Kerala style, from Shri. C.K.Kuttappan Vaidyar, who was running a massage centre . It was from this guru that Unnikrishnan learned the basics as well as the advanced techniques of scientific massage. He became familiar with the vital centres of human body called 'marma' and ways to treat for damages that may occur. The guru used to come to the disciple's house to train him. thus, Unnikrishnan gained expertise in massaging for physical injuries of various types. So, he has great respect and gratitude towards his guru.
To learn actual martial arts, he approached Ettumanoor Muraleedharan Gurukkal and learned ' Kalarippayattu'. Then he went to Kottackal, to learn more about kalari from Parameswaran Gurukkal. To learn the techniques practiced in southern most Kerala Unnikrishnan went to the south and learned a lot from J.Madhava Naadaar. Thus, he gradually became a master in 'Kalarai-marma chikilsa' and came to be called Gurukkal. He learned from different authorities in the field and gained a solid foundation to start practicing massage and other martial arts himself.

He started his career in this field by opening ' Bharath Marma Kalari Chikitsa Kendram' at Kuravilangadu. after 2 years he shifted to Mukkoottuthara near Erumeli for some time. Then he went to Gulf. After returning, he took charge of massaging treatments at an ayurvedic hospital in Kottayam town. After a stint there, he decided to start a well -equipped training centre for kalari and treatment centre, with emphasis on massage in the kalari style. Now 25 disciples including girls, are learning martial arts 'Abhyaasams' during evenings. Kalari and  treatment centre are attached together, named as  Aanjaneya Marma Chikilsaalayam. Treatments for ladies are done by his wife Sreedevi, who is also a therapist, along with Bindhulekha a therapist from Kannur.
Among his disciples there are foreigners too.A french young man named David learned massage in the kalari style and is practicing it in France. He comes to visit his guru once or twice a year to learn more. Mr.Unnikrishnan regularly display his martial arts mastery at some 7 star hotels in Goa for foreign tourist. He also exhibits his talents in 'Kalari Abhyaasam ' in Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi and else where. He is invited to many countries for displaying the Kerala- style dual fighting and other martial arts technique.

Anjaneya Kalari Marma Chikilsalayam
Palam P. O.,  Kottayam,
Kerala, India. 
Phone : + 91 - 481 - 6452304
Mob: +91-9446569115
Website :



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