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:::::::  Tee Jay Speech & Hearing Centre  Kottayam ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Contact Us / Enquiry ::::::
Tee Jay Speech & Hearing Centre is located at the heart of Kottayam town about 500 meters from KSRTC bus station. Tee Jay Speech & Hearing Centre established in 1999  with  fully flourished sound treated audiometric room, managed by Mrs. Sherry Varghese who is honoured with a bachelor degree of science in Speech language and Hearing. Mrs. Sherry Varghese is the consultant Audiologist cum Speech Pathologist of this organisation.

 Facilities of Tee Jay Speech & Hearing Centre 

  • Pure Tone Audiometry :
    Used to assess the type & degree of hearing loss. Results determine if the hearing loss is best treated medically or with hearing instrument.
  • Speech Auidiometry :
    Measures the intelligibility of the perceived speech.
  • Impedance Audiometry:
    Easy, quick & objective measurement of integrity of the middle ear system


Hearing Aids
Conventional, Digital & Programmable instruments of leading brands.
Hearing aids are selected with detailed & proper evaluation with the help of computer and fitted after adequate trial period. Hearing aids are of  various models as to meet your choice of interest and personal needs.
Body Worn Models:
These are the economical items placed in the pocket with cords & receivers.
Behind the Ear:
Fitted behind the ear. Inconspicuous design
In The Ear:
Elegantly designed with smooth surfaces. Finely sculpted faceplate to hide inconspicuously in the ear.
In the Canal:
Canal hearing instrument . Contoured faceplate for optimum cosmetic appeal.
Completely in the canal:
Almost invisible in the auditory canal. Hearing instrument in the smallest design, residing completely in the canal. Deep location in the canal improves directional hearing.
Tee Jay Speech and Hearing Center also provides after sales servicing, reprogramming of the hearing instrument, ear molds, ear plugs, hearing aid batteries, hearing aid accessories.

Speech Therapy
Assessment, diagnosis and management of various speech, language & voice disorders.
Individual speech therapy sessions for each clients and counseling is also done at Tee Jay Speech and Hearing Centre, Kottayam.

Tee Jay Speech & Hearing Centre,
T B Junction, Near Hotel Aida,
Kottayam, Kerala , India

Tel : +91 - 481 - 2568968, 2431071
Mobile : +91-9495165371

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