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::::::::  Sravana Speech & Hearing Centre  ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Contact Us / Enquiry ::::::
Sravana Speech & Hearing Centre at Kanjikuzhi Kottayam has started in 1995 under the supervision of Mrs. Susan Mathew, who is an Audiologist & Speech Pathologist, graduated from All India Institute of Speech & Hearing, Mysore. Mrs. Susan started her practice at MGDM Hospital, Kangazha, Kottayam from 1990. Mr. Biju Alex Mathew (Partner) who is a professional in fitting Digital Hearing Aids and has bagged many certificates from International organizations during the training. He handles the sales, service and administration of Sravana.

 Services Offered at Sravana Speech & Hearing Centre Kottayam

   **  Audiometry Test
   **  Counseling
   **  Hearing Aid Trials
   **  Hearing Aid Fittings
   **  Hard / Soft Ear Moulds 

   **  Zinc Air Batteries

   **  Accessories
   **  After Sales Services
 Sravana Speech & Hearing Centre is the Authorised Hearing Centre for  Simens | GN Resound | Widex | Phonak | Elilon | Alps

------------------------------------------------- Facilities at Sravana Kottayam -------------------------------------------------

+++++> Open on all working days from 9.30 am to 5.30 pm
+++++> Specially designed Audiological Room for conducting tests.
+++++> Department of Speech Therapy.
Audiometry :
To measure the audibility of sound using digital audiometers to conform the nature & degree of hearing loss. There are two types of hearing loss
1. Conductive Hearing Loss
2. Sensory Neural Hearing Loss
Degree of hearing loss ranging from mild -> below 40 db,  moderate -> below 60 db, 
severe -> above 65 db, profound -> above 90 db
For conductive hearing loss Medical / Surgical treatment can be done.
For sensory neural hearing loss, hearing aids are advisable.
For profound loss, cochlear implants are advisable.
Tympanometry / Imedance Audiometry
To detect middle ear condition which will be essential for surgery like csom, otosclerosis, etc.
Hearing Aids
Digital hearing: According to the requirement and features digital hearing aids vary. Latest models can be programmed according to the audiogram & requirement of the patients.
Benefits are 3 channel signal processing sound stabilizing, microphone noise reduction, automatic feedback manager, speech enhancement in noise, speech intensification, directional microphone facility, etc. 

  Hearing Aids Models  

   :: BTE
   :: ITC
:: CIC
   :: Body Worn
 Speech Therapy Programme.
Those who are born with neuro faculties challenged special care and attention leading to rehabilitation and self reliance.
Department of speech language pathology aims at carrying out commencement programme and rehabilitatory services to people with various neurological disabilities. This includes children with developmental speech and language disorders, hearing loss, autism and related disorder, mental retardation, adults stroke, aphasia, parkinson's and elderly with dementia.
Speech therapy will be given in regular sessions with 45mts duration depending upon the severity of the problem. Speech therapy is given in individualized closed set up. There are isolated rooms with adequate safety and privacy for the purpose.
  Before a patient comes to our regular speech therapy programme, they have to undergo detailed speech and language evaluation and assessment includes the use of various test materials to rule out various related problems. Also we will rule out hearing loss by using sophisticated instruments and equipments by testing hearing ability. If one is having hearing loss, they will be provided with hearing aids and will give regular speech therapy sessions for the improvement of speech and language development.
 Remember : Only hearing aids are advisable for profound loss

Sravana Speech & Hearing Centre 
Trio Chambers, Kanjikuzhi,
Kottayam - 686 004.
Kerala, India
Phone (Off:) : +91 - 481-2574038, 2571746
Mobile : +91 - 9447041852



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