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 Abraham's Infertility Research & Gynaec Centre, Kottayam :::::::::::::::::::: Contact Us / Enquiry ::::::

"For excellence in Reproductive medicine"

Abraham's Infertility Research Laproscipic 4D Ultrasound & Test Tube Baby Centre has been established on 15 June, 2000 at Chenganacherry a town situated 20 kilometers away from Kottayam, which has earned the title for 100% literacy. 
Infertility is not a curse…. To wipe the tears of those childless parents and to make them smile … we dedicate all our hard work and knowledge we have attained … throughout the year at any time.
Infertility Centre has the most modern equipments and treatments available for any infertility cases. Dedicated service offered by Dr. Sam has been appreciated by many eminent personalities and satisfied couples.
Dr. Sam has taken his medical and postgraduate degree from Medical College, Kottayam. Taken training in Endoscopy, Infertility, Ultrasound from Indian Academy of Human Reproduction. He has done 712 Laproscopic Hysterectomies and more than 900 major Laparoscopic Hysteroscopic procedures. Doctor presented papers on infertility and Gynaecology in state and national conferences organized by I.A.H.R I.F.E.E. Madhya-Kerala Obstetric and Gynaecological Society. He has participated as faculty in Endoscopic and Ultrasound workshops. Dr. Sam is the clinical secretary of Indian faculty of Endoscopies and Endosonography. 
Abraham's Infertility Research Centre is well equipped to provide round the clock service to public with all modern equipments and lab facilities. Our other services include counseling and educating the couples for understanding each other's problems for infertility, and the different methods of treatments. The center also conducts free seminars and medical camps on infertility disorders at the center and also at different hospitals and places. The new test tube baby center provides an excellent solution for couples with no hope for a baby. 

:: Semen Analysis :: Ultra Sound Scanning  :: Video Laparoscopy
:: Intra Uterine Insemination :: Donor Insemination  :: Cryo Preservation
:: Surgery for Varicocele :: Epididymo Vasostomy  :: Vasogram
:: Laparoscopic Hysterectomy :: Recanalisation Surgery  :: IVF

Modern medical treatments available in the hospital are explained below. For detecting the cause of infertility in men and women blood test, Hormone detection, periodic Ultrasound Scanning, X-ray of the uterus, Endometrian Biopsy, Laproscopy, Hysteroscopy (Endoscopy) are used. 

Laproscopy : Operative Video Laproscopy for Tubal and Ovarian Pathology Operative Video Hysteroscopy for UterinePathology.
Laproscopy Hysterectomy : The doctor does operation for removing uterus and ovary and for stopping conceiving by Key Hole Surgery. 
Recanalisation Surgery : Using this surgery, Men and Women can regain their reproductively 
Intra Uterine Insemination : In male infertility when the count or efficiency of sperms are less then the sperm is washed (Sperm wash) in the lab for increasing the count and mobility and then placed in the uterus. 
Donor Insemination : If the testis of the man doesn't secrete enough Sperm (Testicular Failure, Sertoli cell only syndrome) then a donor sperm is washed and injected into the uterus, which is called Sperm Donation. 
Cryo Preservation of Sperms (Semen Bank) : It is a facility for preserving the sperms for longer duration.
Vasogram : This happens, when the semen contains no sperm, or whose testis doesn't secrete or there is block in the tube. To detect this an X-ray of the tube is taken and this is called Vasogram.
IVF : IVF has changed the prospects in the female. IVF involves retrieving eggs from the ovaries by Trans vaginal aspiration and incubating the sperms in a dish resulting in formation of embryos, which are then transferred into the uterine cavity. 
Thermal Balloon Ablation of Endometrium - for Menorrhogea. : This a new modality to control excessive uterine haemorrhogea by removing inner most layer of uterus i.e. Endomertrum.

Abraham's Infertility Research Laproscopic 4D Ultrasound & Test Tube Baby Centre
Athakkatt Chambers, Near Bishop's Palace,
Changanacherry, Kottayam,
Kerala, India.

Ph : +91 -481 - 2425919
Fax : Modem : +91 - 481 - 2421049
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