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:::::::  Polachirackal Pets , Kottayam  :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Contact Us / Enquiry ::::::
Polachirackal Pets is at Velloor, Pampady, Kottayam in Kerala is a farm house maintained by Mr. Cherian P Tharakan, who is a lover of pets and nature. He is a consultant of pets keeping. He sells Rabbits, lovebirds, Pigeons, Guine pigs, Ornamental Fishes at very reasonable prices. He also gives consultation and help for those who want to begin a farm house or advice and suggestions for improvement of farm houses. He builds ponds for fishes and teaches to breed fishes in your plot. His farm is located in a peaceful land surrounded by rubber plantation, nutmeg, mango grooves, and vegetable gardens. He has different types of pets such as - Rabbits, lovebirds, Pigeons, Guinepigs, Ornamental Fishes, Dog etc. 
Rabbits for sale
Rabbits are generally classified according to size, weight and type of pelt. Small rabbits weigh about 3-4 pounds at maturity. The two most popular breeds for meat production are the New Zealand and the Californian
The two most popular rabbits for fur production are the Rex and the American Chinchilla. 
Cherian has large no. of rabbits in his farm house of different colours and ages. 

 Rabbits, Love Birds, Pigeons, Guinea pigs
 are available for sale

Love Birds for sale

Colourful, attractive, sociable birds that are easy to keep and look after. They originate from Australia and can live up to 15 years. They can be kept alone but prefer the company of their own species. Budgies can be housed indoors in a large wire cage with a plastic base or outdoors in a purpose-built aviary. The cage should have some horizontal bars on it to allow climbing
Types of Budgie cherian has are  : Budgies come in a vast array of colours and markings including pied, spangled, opaline, blue, green, grey, yellow faces, lutino and albino.

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Pigeons for sale

Pigeons is a bird of peace.
Cherian has different varities of pigeons in his farm Australian red and biscuit, white fantail, moogi etc..

Guinea Pig for sale

Guinea Pigs are inquisitive, friendly animals with, and they communicate vocally, with different noises having different meanings! Males are known as boars; females as sows.Guinea Pigs can actually breed from 30 days Pregnancy lasts 60-65 days, producing a litter of 3-4 babies. Young Guinea Pigs can be weaned at 3-4 weeks.
Cherian has White Guinea with red eyes, and  other colour  normal guinea's too

LED Lighting for aquarium for sale

Different types of LED lights are available for aquarium illumination or lighting..
Less power consumption, No heating or heat emission.
Long lasting., No radiation.
Different colour lighting from snow white, warm light, red, green, blue, yellow, etc.
Led lights will be designed and installed according to the size and shape of the tank. 

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Cherian P. Tharakan
Polachirackal House, Velloor P.O, Pampady
Kottayam, Kerala, India.
Pin code - 686 501
Contact No. + 91 - 481 - 2373477
Mobile No.: + 91 - 9446570477
Email :,

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