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Third Place, Kottayam Kerala - Established in September 2007, Third Place is the pioneer of Keralian Gelato experience. The Third Place chain of Cafe Gelaterias delivers a truly Italian dessert and coffee experience in warm, friendly and relaxed environment. 
As Ray Oldenburg put it, “third place (THURD plays; TH as in thin) n. A place other than home or work where a person can go to relax and feel part of the community”. 

Building on the concept of Oldenburg (1990), Third Place gelateria is the first of its kind in Kerala. Third Place is the first gelateria in the country to have more than 100 Sugar-free flavors with options on GELATO (Italian Ice Creams), Creamy Gelato contains 67% less fat than many premium ice creams and its low fat bring out the rich, intense flavor of Gelato. 
SEMIFREDDO (a pastry formation with less fat and sugar), and non- alcoholic drinks. The ever increasing population of diabetic and cardiac patients has prompted Jacksons to come up with a range of delightfully mouth watering desserts which are 97.5% fat free.

Made and served fresh, we ensure that Gelato is mild to your throat and teeth. Fruit Gelato (Sorbetto) is a fruity, Water based dessert which is 100% fat free. With the most modern sugar replacers, sugar free variety ensures the Italian experience is open for the diabetics and the calorie conscious. 

The Gelateri of Third Place creates his own products which are a treat to the kids and adults alike.

Interesting part of these products is the exceptional quality of these products which is assessed with its body, texture, taste and presentation. Prepared with finest imported ingredients, Gelato is a unique experience to be savored. They have more than 300 flavors and we keep 12 flavors daily. It is an exciting thing to note that they change the flavors on a daily basis giving new experiences everyday.

Bring the sweetness back into your Life 

  • Taste – Every spoonful gives you the real flavor 
  • Fat-free – 97.5% fat free, better for cardiac and diabetics 
  • Healthy – 160 kcal per scoop, Cŕlories coming from carbohydrates and proteins is natural and much better than those coming from fat. Not a junk food. 
  • Sore throat – No ice crystal formation and the gelato is mild to your teeth and throat. 
  • Natural Ingredients - Best and fresh ingredients from market, no substitutes or alternatives, no preservatives added Third Place Kottayam Ice Cream Desserts Eat out Parlour Kottayam Kerala

Italian Deserts -- Sugar free Gelato -- Cold Stone -- Semifreddo --  Diabetic Delights --  Drinks  

The family packs come in size of 250gms, 500gms and 750gms. All these products are moderately priced compared to its quality. When you buy conventional ice creams of 500ml packs, it only weighs 228gms. The richness and creaminess of Gelato comes from the density of the product rather than from fat. This makes it a different experience from ice creams. 
All the 54 non-alcoholic drinks spread in 13 categories will give you the choice you longed for. Made with the finest ingredients, sourced from all over the world, each drink is made to exceed your expectations. 
Sugar free Ice Cream Parlour Kottayam
Savour in the diabetic delights at Third Place, with Sugar-free gelato, sugar-free semifreddo and Sugar-free drinks. We are committed to bringing sweetness back into the lives of Diabetics.

   Diabetic Delights Drinks  Third Place,Sugar free Gelato  Semifreddo

Third Place Kottayam Ice Cream Parlour Desserts Eat out Parlor icecream eat out pastry Kottayam Kerala
Jacksons,  Chelliyozhukkom Road,
Near Manorama Junction, Kottayam, Kerala, India
Ph: +91-481- 2565614
Mob: +91-999588100

 Mobile No.  +91 - 9995881001 /  9895513160 / 9446575551  
Third Place Kottayam Ice Cream Desserts Eat out Parlour Kottayam Kerala
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