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::::::::::::  Unique Beauty Parlour, Kottayam  ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Contact Us / Enquiry ::::::
Unique Beauty Parlour, Kottayam, Kerala, as the name says, its Unique among beauty parlours and has been there from long years. Unique has its strength from the regular clients and the unique style that it has. Unique Beauty Parlour has many beauty techniques and treatments for bringing the beautiful you within. The parlour is located in the center of Kottayam town of Kerala state and run by Lalitha Ravi & Sulatha Ravi.Unique Beauty Parlour, Kottayam

Facilities of Unique Beauty Parlour

Bring us your styles as photographs 
and we will design you the same.

  • Imported modern utensils and equipments. 
  • Professionally trained beauticians. 
  • International imported branded cosmetics. 
  • Air-conditioned beautiful spacious rooms. 
  • Special room for bridal make-ups. 
  • Imported Crystal Tearas / Crowns for rent. 
  • Car parking facility. 
  • Nail Art works. 
  • Hair styling & bridal make-up
  • Beautician Basic and Advance Courses 
  • Self make-up courses (10 days) 

Bridal Special Make-ups By Unique Beauty Parlour

Wedding day is the most important day in the life of a women and every young girl desires to look at her best on this blessed day in her life. We assure to make you look as gorgeous as a queen.

Bridal Make-ups : 
Indian & International bridal makeup and hair styles.

It is better to start bridal make-ups 3 months before or at least 3 weeks before. 
  • Crystal bouquet, Crystal Tearas / Crowns for rent 
  • Bridal Mahendi 
  • Car Decorations 
  • Flower Girls make ups. 
  • Costume Designing 
  • Hair styling & bridal make-up

Hair setting and styling and make-ups according to the interest of the client. We have facilities to show  Unique Beauty Parlour, Kottayam previews on lap tops. Unique Beauty Parlour, Kottayam

Unique Beauty Parlour, Kottayam Our Specialities:  Unique Beauty Parlour, Kottayam

Ear Lobe repairing:  Broken or torn ear lobes can be repaired & closed within 10 minutes without surgery or pain. Ear piercing also done if needed.
Unique Beauty Parlour, Kottayam bridal make ups
Micro Derma Brasion: Skin Polishing / Diamond Peel :A special method to remove the dead cells which helps to grain glow on skin also lightens pigmentation and acne scars. Needs 4 sittings.
Unique Beauty Parlour, Kottayam bridal make ups
Spa Treatments  : For face, hair, legs & hands.
Hair Volume Increasing / Hair Volumizing:
Is your hair flat and lifeless? By volume increasing method we can boost hair volume permanently.

Nail Extensions : 
Unique Beauty Parlour, Kottayam 
Using ceramic, acrylic, silk fiberglass technique. Wart / Tag Removal using micro deram brasion method

Eyebrow  Embroidery, Permanent make-ups 
Application of permanent colour
for eyebrow, eye liner, lip liner, moles etc. 

Henna Design / Mehandhi Design : kottayam beauty parlour bridal make ups 
Tattoo, Glitter, Shaded Mehndi, colourful mehndi, Arabic, Grafic, Traditional Mehndi designing

Unique Beauty Parlour, 
Kandathil Shopping Complex, K. K. Road, 
Opp. Collectorate, Kottayam, Kerala, India.

Ph : +91-481-3159080, 
Mobile: +91-9495264744, +91-9446305614 


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