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 Exon Auto Electricals Kottayam Kerala - Exide Battery Inverter Dealer  ::::::::::::::::: Contact Us ::::::
Exon Auto Electrics - Exide Authorised dealer for Exide Batteries and Inverters in Kottayam Kerala. Mr. P K Kurian (Kunjumon) is the manufacturer of renowned brand of Exon Batteries in Kottayam from 1981. He started the firm Exon Auto Electricals in 1985 as a dealer of Exide Batteries.
Soon after completing the graduation in 1991 Mr. Ciby Kurian started managing the business. Under his leadership Exon Auto Electricals flourished and is now certified as a Diamond Category Dealer by Exide Power Brigade. We are happy that we have achieved this certification for our sales, committed services, quality maintenance and above all our satisfied customers. We are committed to provide you with efficient sales and service of Exide Batteries, Exide Inverters and Home UPS in Kottayam district.

Exide Authorised Dealer for Automotive Battery, Exide Industrial Battery and Exide Inverters / UPS Kottayam

Exide Automotive Batteries:
Automotive batteries are basically used for automobiles like car, jeep, bikes, scooters, auto rickshaws, lories, buses, career vehicles, passenger vehicles, trucks, tippers, motor boats, speed boats, barges, house boats, generators, forklifts, battery operated vehicles, electrical scooters, JCBs, Earthmovers, Poreclain, Tractors, Special Vehicles (SPV), Excavators, Fire Engines, Ambulance, CARGO Vehicles, Passenger Vechicles, Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV), Utility Vehicles, Light Commercial Vehicles (LCV), Heavy Commercial Vehicles (HCV), 3 Wheelers, 2 Wheelers, aircrafts, etc.

Exide Automotive Battery Exide Industrial Battery Dealer Exide Inverters / UPS Kottayam Kerala

Exide Industrial Batteries:
The industrial batteries are used for Inverters, pure sine wave home UPS, online UPS, offline UPS, EPABX, lifts, solar inverters, solar equipment, digital inverters, electric inverters, sine wave inverters, electric fencing, security systems, solar lights, etc.

Authorised Dealer for Exide Inverters Home UPS Inverter Battery Tubular Battery Kottayam Kerala

Exide Inverters & Pure Sine Wave Home UPS:
Exon is also the authorized dealer for Exide Inverters & Home UPS in Kottayam Kerala.

Exide Pure Sine Wave Inverters : Exide 650 VA, Exide 850 VA, Exide 1450 VA also CEIL 650 VA, CEIL 850 VA, CEIL 1450 VA and MEGA880, MEGA1000, MEGA15000 models

home UPS

Exon Auto Electricals
Exon Buildings, Kodimatha, Kottayam - 686 013
Kerala. India.

Phone (India): +91-481-2568196     Mobile: + 91-9349502992
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